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How to Write an Essay - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 5-8 | PC Software

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

How to Write an Essay - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 5-8 | PC Software

This is a comprehensive and interactive teaching resource, tailor-made for public school teachers and homeschooling parents. Loaded with educational tools, this software simplifies the process of teaching essay writing.

Essential Features:

  • An 80-page program that covers all essential steps in writing an essay. It aims to remove the fear associated with essays by providing a structured approach for students.
  • A systematic exploration of four types of essays: Descriptive, Narrative, Informative and Persuasive - each supplemented with in-depth grammar discussions regarding verbs, adjectives and pronouns.
  • Inclusion of graphic organizers within each lesson plan. An extremely useful tool that creates visual outlines assisting students through different stages of writing.

Engaging Interactive Activities:

The software brings in 'interactive activities' as engagement elements during your education sessions - they work well with whole groups or smaller ones; you can assign them as homework too!

Literacy Enhancement Tools:

  • 'Before' & 'after you read' discussion topics along reading passages improve comprehension considerably.

  • Bonus: Memory Match games & Crossword Puzzles for fun learning!

    Holistic Exam Preparation: 

    All-inclusive preparation tools aligned accurately according to State Standards following Bloom's Taxonomy principles ensuring cognitive skills improvement. 

    P.S: To amp it up more we also provide videos/audios supporting lessons suitable both for auditory or visual learners.
    All packed tidily within a zip file.
    Idealistic solution catering for Grade 3 to 8 students.

    Overlaying Subtopics:

    The software further includes Language Arts and Writing specific plans, enhancing its user-centric design. Wielding this powerful tool, make learning essays an entertaining journey with How to Write an Essay - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 5-8 | PC Software!

    What's Included

    1 zip file with PC software

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