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How to Write an Essay: What is a Persuasive Essay? & Writing a Persuasive Essay - Google Slides Gr. 5-8

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

How to Write an Essay: What is a Persuasive Essay? & Writing a Persuasive Essay - Google Slides Gr. 5-8

This valuable educational resource perfectly supports the teaching of essay writing. Particularly designed for students in grades 5 to 8 studying Language Arts, this tool offers essential insights.

Main Features:

  • An informative Google Slides presentation on persuasive essays and their potential to change perspectives effectively.
  • Content based on Bloom's Taxonomy and fully aligned with State Standards, ensuring both relevance and effectiveness in learning.
  • A tool that not only defines what a persuasive essay is but also provides necessary knowledge on multiple kinds of essays along with their unique approaches.
  • A multifunctional resource suitable for whole groups, small groups or individuals complementing various teaching necessities. It can be easily used during class discussions, group activities or as homework assignments for reinforcing individual understanding beyond classrooms.
Providing an interactive experience, these slides enable students to involve themselves actively through drag-and-drop activities. They can easily edit directly onto their devices enabling greater convenience while also meeting remote learning needs.

Included Extras:

  1. An instructional guide – Contains helpful information on how best to use Google Slides in your classroom setup plus an answer key paired perfectly next each exercise providing constant assistance.
  2. An easy access link – Takes you directly to all these beneficial materials gathered within 25 interactive slides emphasizing accessibility and simplicity of use.
  3. All packaged conveniently as a PDF file type -- This modern, efficient format ensures compatibility across devices thereby matching the changing needs of contemporary education settings.
This indispensable Google Slides based resource fluidly meets the changing demands of today's educational environments.

What's Included

1 Google Slides link with 25 interactive slides

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