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How to Write an Essay: Writing an Informative Essay

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

How to Write an Essay: Writing an Informative Essay

This product is designed with educators of grades 5 through 8 in mind. It serves as a teaching resource, supplementing current writing programs or fostering independent study. Its main goal is to remove the fear of essay writing, introducing students to clear and effective strategies that can be utilized throughout the entire writing process.

Honoring Bloom’s taxonomy approach, this resource supports diverse stages of student understanding. It features lessons on:

  • Four common types of essays
  • Critical language aspects such as verbs, adjectives, and pronouns

"Writing an Informative Essay"

This chapter slice taken from the comprehensive lesson plan "How to Write an Essay" aims at teaching students how to structure and write effective informative essays while also articulating their viewpoints robustly.

Graphic Organizers:

The package includes six colorful graphic organizers ideal for introducing skills focus and guiding students through their successful writing exercise.

A Complete Resource:

This package further offers:
- A detailed implementation guide
- Student assessment rubrics
- Word puzzles 
- Comprehension quizzes

It's worth noting that all content aligns with Common Core State Standards, guaranteeing credibility within standardized education parameters.
This easily accessible PDF file makes learning enjoyable yet rewarding one step at a time!

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