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Hurricanes Reading Activity

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Hurricanes Reading Activity is an informative reading comprehension resource that teaches students in grades 3-6 about the science behind these powerful storms. Students begin by brainstorming their prior knowledge about hurricanes and identifying what they still wonder. Next, they read a one-page informative passage and answer reading comprehension questions to check their understanding. To apply their new hurricane knowledge, students draw what the inside of a well-stocked hurricane emergency kit would contain and explain why each item is necessary. This versatile resource can be used individually or with groups and pairs. It develops vital skills like reading informational texts, making text-to-self connections, increasing science knowledge, drawing conclusions, and more. Use it as a science lesson, reading comprehension practice, or even assessment.

What's Included

You will get 5 pages to hand out to students. One page is the chart students fill out about what they know and want to know about hurricanes. The second and third pages are the reading. Fourth is the page with six questions, and the final page is about the hurricane emergency kit.

There is an answer key and examples for the kit.

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