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I Can Be The Boss Of Me! Social Skills Story and Activity

I Can Be The Boss Of Me!  Social Skills Story and Activity
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Social Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

'I Can Be The Boss Of Me! Social Skills Story and Activity'

A teaching resource engineered for educators and home-teachers to build personal and social competence in students from kindergarten to the third grade.

Main Feature:
  • Focuses on addressing bossy behavior in children.
  • Teaches respect for others' autonomy.
Gaining Proficiency Through Social Skills Stories:

Social skills stories are a great instrument for helping children dissect social challenges. This product notably teaches children that it's alright not being in control of everything. It demonstrates how personal decisions can be made without overstepping boundaries.

A Three-Part Activity System:
  1. A 34-page color – a social skills story ideal for classroom use
  2. The coloring book companion – presenting generalization through an appealing black-and-white version
  3. Skill builder activities – focusing on reinforcing what has been taught through 'bossy or buddy behavior'
A Special Feature: Individualizing Aspect

This teaching tool can be made unique by diverse covers featuring both male and female options, and respective end pages.

In Terms Of Use Convenience: An easy-to-access downloadable PDF active across various platforms, catering efficiently to an educator’s flexibility requirements. The subject matter revolves around providing special resources sharpening budding social skills at school or home - applicable across entire classroom sessions, smaller study groups or homework assignments; demonstrating its versatility within your educational framework.

What's Included

Included please find: 34 Pages

Color Social Skills Story {Great For Classroom Use}

Coloring Book Companion {Black and White Version, Great For Generalization}

Skill Builder Activity {Bossy or Buddy Behavior}

Individualize With:

1 Male Cover

1 Female Cover

1 Male End Page

1 Female End Page

Resource Tags

social skills bossy behavior friendship personal autonomy teaching resource

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