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I Can Share Myself With Lots Of Friends | Social Skills Story and Activities

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Social Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Social Skills Stories & Activities break down information into small, explicit steps so that children can more easily understand what they should and should not do in a particular social situation. 

Social Skills Stories are a great way to explicitly teach children important social skills that they may be struggling with, such as being able to play with a variety of children.

Playing with a variety of children and not insisting on always playing with just one particular child, is an important social skill. 

I had a student who thought he could only play with his one, favorite friend. He did not seem to understand that playing with other children, did not mean he wasn't still friends with his favorite friend. 

Additionally, his favorite friend sometimes felt a bit smothered by my student's attention. I wrote this story to help my student understand that it is okay to play with more than one friend.

I hope it can help your students too!

What's Included

Included, Please Find: 42 Pages

> Social Story {color version, great for the classroom)

> Skill Builder Activity 1 {Is This Sharing Myself?}

> Skill Builder Activity 2 {How Can I Share Myself?}

> Skill Builder Activity 3 {Friendship Venn diagram}

> Coloring Book Companion {black and white version, great to support generalization}

> Animated PowerPoint Story {With Skill Builders 1 and 2}

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