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I Can Stop Blurting, Social Skills Story & Activities, For Boys & Girls K-2nd

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Title: I Can Stop Blurting, Social Skills Story & Activities, For Boys & Girls K-2nd

Educators, here's an excellent resource for familiarizing children with essential social skills: 'I Can Stop Blurting - Social Skills Story and Activities' that aims at Kindergarten up to 2nd-grade students. The foundation of this tool is a story lively enough to captivate young minds, integrated with consequential activities to solidify the teachings. The lessons aim specifically at enhancing student understanding about 'blurting.' This crucial aspect of mannerism is often difficult for children to grasp; hence the resource delivers it through a fun-filled story.

The narrative uses explicit language broken down into small, easy-to-digest instructions that talk about achieving appropriate behavior in social situations. Accompanying pictures portray both boys and girls engaging in various scenarios that exemplify good etiquette making this useful for both genders.

Routine reading coupled with Skill Builder Activities will help reinforce anti-blurting behavior amongst children.

The resource includes interactive animations presented through the PowerPoint story and skill builders bring another dimension into learning this important skill enjoyably from home or school. Hence there needs not be any worry about learning being monotonous anymore.

Inside you'll find 61 pages of comprehensive material targeted towards shaping better social skills among young learners:

  • A Colorful Social Skills Story complete with three cover choices plus three end-page options offering room for individualization
  • A Coloring Book Companion perfectly complements the main story as students simultaneously engage in coloring.
  • 'Stop Blurting' Visuals provided in sets - one each colored together with Black & White
  • Two Skill Builder Activities beginning with Comprehension Check Sheet followed by Scenario Cards offer practical application opportunities
  • Animated PowerPoint Stories alongside Skill Builders contributing optimally toward distance learning objectives

An immensely valuable addition to teach life skills apart from academics alone customized specifically for younger audiences within public schools or homeschooling domains! Multiple application possibilities await like group learning, single student engagement at school, homework assignments; the potential for deployment is endless!

With this resource within their arsenal educators can certainly mold students who excel in both academics as well as social skills.

What's Included

Included, Please Find: 61 Pages

Social Skills Story: Color Social Story, Great For Classroom Use. Includes 3 cover choices and 3 end page choices, to individualize.

Coloring Book Companion: Black and White Story To Follow Along And Color In

Stop Blurting Visuals: 3 Sets, Each In Color and Black & White

Skill Builder Activity 1 : Comprehension Check Sheet

Skill Builder Activity 2 : Scenario Cards

Animated PowerPoint Story and Skill Builders: Great for Distance Learning!

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