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I Can STOP Teasing! Social Skills Story & Activities, For Boys & Girls K-2nd

I Can STOP Teasing! Social Skills Story & Activities,  For Boys & Girls K-2nd
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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

I Can STOP Teasing! Social Skills Story & Activities, For Boys & Girls K-2nd

The "I Can STOP Teasing!" is a potent educational tool meant for educators to enhance social skills in students aged between Kindergarten and 2nd Grade. It precisely tackles the issue of teasing, guiding children on its prevention strategies.

Main Features:
  • This resource efficiently combines storytelling and interactive exercises in a child-friendly setting.
  • The narrative's content and format cater perfectly to each student's understanding level, right from kindergartners to 2nd graders.
  • It employs simple language and reduced text per page, matching with age-appropriate wording.

Inclusivity & Diversity Elements Incorporated

This all-inclusive resource can be utilized equitably by both boys and girls. Moreover, its assorted cover options featuring either male characters only, female characters only or their combination ensure better representation of diversity according to specific teaching needs. The same application goes for the included End Pages graphics too!

Versatile Usability Scenarios

This tool can be employed in various classroom settings - individual instruction time with teasing-prone children; small group sessions; or whole class during initial parts of academic year. A vibrant colored copy serves perfectly for classroom use while its black-and-white counterpart can be sent home as homework allowing reinforcement of learnt concepts – promoting concept generalization effectively!

Inclusion Of Engaging Extras:
  • A practical ‘No Teasing’ visual reminder included enhancing understanding further!
  • An assortment of skilled activity worksheets delineating differences between friendly teases versus mean teasing instances.

Note: All you need is just to print this comprehensive 33-page PDF package! As it’s designed for optimal coverage on life-skills lessons within mainstream curriculum, it qualifies as a must-have 'Special Resources' category tool for educators. Procure this systematic teaching resource and enrich your students with improved relationship-building strategies today!

What's Included

Included please find: 33 Pages

✔️ Story: In Color, Great For Classroom Use

✔️ Coloring Book Companion: Black & White, Great to Send Home For Generalization

✔️ No Teasing~ Visual

✔️ Skill Builder Activity: Friendly Teasing vs. Mean Teasing

To Help Individualize:

Cover With Male and Female

Cover With Male Only

Cover With Female Only

End Page With Male and Female

End Page With Male Only

End Page With Female Only

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