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I Dare To Share! Social Skills Story and Activities

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About This Product

I Dare To Share! Social Skills Story and Activities

This is a comprehensive learning tool aimed at educators, both in public school settings and for homeschooling families. It provides a fundamental resource for teaching essential social skills like sharing to young learners in preschool up through the third grade.

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is used in this program to elaborate on various social situations your students may encounter, taking time to explain not just what they should do, but why it's important.

Engaging Narrative

The students are engaged with an easy-to-follow narrative designed not only instruct but also impress upon them about the prosocial behavior of sharing. It addresses emotional consideration - how wonderful it feels when others share with us.

Inclusive Package

The 34-page package includes:
  • Resources that can be utilized in numerous educational settings ranging from whole group discussions or split into smaller focused teams.
  • A colorful version of this story which greatly assists classroom use by engaging students visually.
Purposefully Defined Steps: "I Dare To Share!" provides explicit instructions endorsing better understanding of apt behaviors during social interactions.

Skill Builder Activities

This comprehensive plan includes two skill-building activities:

  1. Six Comprehension/Coloring Pages,
  2. a Things We Share exercise that encourages interactive group participation while reinforcing learned concepts.
Bonus Feature: Coloring Book Companion Social Skills Story
This feature replicates the primary story but tailored in black & white outlines—perfect for sending home or integrating into homework assignments ensuring continuity and generalization beyond school environment. Note: The provided format is PDF offering ease of use across diverse digital platforms whilst maintaining content integrity whether projected on screen or printed as worksheets. In conclusion, "I Dare To Share! Social Skills Story and Activities" is a remarkable tool for teaching the 'Importance of Sharing' using vibrant visuals and substantial material.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 34 Pages

Social Skills Story {Color Version, Great For Classroom Use}

Skill Builder Activity 1: 6 Comprehension/Coloring Pages

Skill Builder Activity 2: Things We Share

Coloring Book Companion Social Skills Story {Black & White Version, Great For Sending Home For Generalization}

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