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I Need to Wear a Bra Social Story

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About This Product

I Need to Wear a Bra Social Story

The I Need to Wear a Bra Social Story is a pivotal teaching resource designed specifically for aiding teenage girls as they encounter fresh challenges in their personal growth journey. This enlightening tool is perfect for educators and homeschoolers, offering adept guidance on managing various social situations that can often be difficult to handle.

Adopting a kind, reassuring tone, this social story acts as an informative guide for children who are attempting to understand intricate social skills or cues. It's especially helpful for children on the autistic spectrum who might find certain circumstances harder to comprehend.

This 18-page PDF, with its emphasis on breaking down and simplifying possibly overwhelming concepts and situations, proves beneficial particularly for teens entering womanhood and starting to wear bras. The story applies an impressively gentle technique towards making young girls at ease in what might be seen otherwise as an anxious transition stage.

Implementation & usage

  • These pages can be incorporated into group lessons or handed out as homework assignments— bringing valuable life skills from school all the way home!
  • The story includes carefully selected colourful images that make learning visually appealing.
  • To maximize their effectiveness, these pages can be used repeatedly - displaying them in books or even laminating before binding.

Purchase & Convenience

This beautiful guide falls under 'Special Resources' among subjects – due its multitude of uses – especially handy for educators handling 'Life Skills' sub-subjects. The added appeal of available PDF format makes it incredibly user-friendly!

Key Takeaway: Lets lend stable support during growing up times because every child deserves comforting clarity in the midst of chaotic changes! The I Need to Wear a Bra Social Story is a tastefully tactful approach to help children confront complexities, one story at a time.

What's Included

Contains an 18 page PDF social story

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