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If / Else (Unplugged Coding #4)

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About This Product

'If / Else (Unplugged Coding #4)' Teaching Resource

The 'If / Else (Unplugged Coding #4)' is an excellent resource for educators who are keen to introduce their students to the basics of programming or coding without using technological hardware. This is done through the unique learning method of unplugged coding- a method that empowers students to understand programming concepts via tangible, printable activities.

Mainly aimed at learners from Grade 1 through 8, the learning tool focuses on a major concept in programming- If/Else statements. The challenging logic present within these statements has been broken down into easily digestible chunks for easy understanding and accessibility.

Educational Implementation

This teaching resource can be seamlessly incorporated into different types of educational settings such as whole-group class teachings, small study group sessions or individual homework assignments. It can also complement digital platforms like or Scratch perfectly by providing opportunities to simulate similar logic and strategies used there.

This extensive package includes:

  • An informative Commands Info Page that explains each command's utility within the puzzles.
  • Info about colorful command grids compatible with all logic puzzles in the package.
  • Ten diverse Logic Challenges spanning across themes from food and school life to special holidays like Christmas and Halloween,
  • An instructional guide accompanying each Logic Puzzle which includes extra blocks that can be cut out, encouraging flexible solutions as long as they adhere correctly with each command's rules.

Learners can employ critical thinking skills while solving real-world problems in code analogies thus progressing well beyond just Computer Science teaching scope. Please note: this product is delivered digitally in PDF format, making it easy for print when necessary.

What's Included

10 Logic Challenges. The topics for these challenge range from food to school to special holidays; Christmas and Halloween. These logic puzzles expand on the basic logic puzzles.

Each Logic Puzzle comes with a guide that has instructions and also contains additional blocks that can cut out.

For each logic puzzle, there are many different answers. As long as the students use each command correctly, there can be many ways of completing a challenge.

Resource Tags

Unplugged coding Programming concepts Tangible activities Logic puzzles Problem-solving skills

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