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If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, DON'T! Language-Literacy Book Companion Packet

About This Product

Do you work with students who have emergent literacy skills? Do you work with students who use AAC or have complex communication needs? Or do you work with early elementary students who have a language delay or disorder? If so, my book companions are for you! This book companion provide you with multiple language, communication, shared reading, and shared writing tasks. Instructions and guidance for the shared reading activities of a picture walk through and repeated readings is provided.

Additional activities to provide practice with identifying the focus letter through repetition with variety are also included. Story props are provided to help increase participation during shared reading activities. They can also be used to aide with story retell activities. There is a focus on balancing explicit exposure and targeted practice for both core and fringe vocabulary. CROWD questions can be used to further increase comprehension of the target book and elicit a wide range of language and communication skills. The provided sentence stems can be used in isolation or in conjunction with the predictable chart writing protocol.

The character description webs provide a platform to target multiple language and communication targets. These book companions include 1-3 hands-on art or science themed activities. This product can be used individually, in small groups, or for whole class instruction.

What's Included

Theme: School

Letter Focus: a

>Core Word: You, Good, Wait

>Fringe/Additional Core Vocabulary Strips

>Story Props

>Sequence/Story Retell Worksheet

>Cause & Effect Worksheet

>Comprehension Worksheet

>CAR/CROWD Story Supports

>Character Description Webs

>Sentence Stem Writing Activity

>Craft & Art Activity

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