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Indian Ocean Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Indian Ocean Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed

An innovative teaching resource, the Indian Ocean Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed is designed to advance learning of Earth Sciences in an appealing manner focusing on a key aspect - The Indian Ocean.

  • This tool comprises eight informative slides tailored primarily for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade, and Special Education students, simplifying the science lessons.
  • In addition to providing substantial knowledge about the Indian Ocean itself, it also emphasizes on building vocabulary skills and enhancing reading comprehension through 'wh' questions integrated within each page.
  • The slide deck has been developed as a NO PREP resource which can be seamlessly incorporated into existing lesson plans without any additional preparation by educators.

This Google Slide-based resource supports different methods of implementation:

  1. Bulk instruction method where an entire class interacts with each projection
  2. Small group activities segregated based on individual skill levels or interests of students
  3. Home assignments allowing children to explore at their own pace .

The teaching aid motivates visual learning and provides an interactive platform helping young learners grasp new concepts easily. It benefits not only teachers operating from physical settings like public schools but also homeschoolers across more intimate gatherings.

The Indian Ocean Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed thus presents itself as an educational supplement that incorporates formative science lessons with reading exercises specially devised for primary level learners including those who might require additional assistance with traditional teaching methods.

What's Included

Google Slide for the activities.

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