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Individual Visual Timetable

An educational teaching resource from SEN Resource Source entitled Individual Visual Timetable downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Introducing our Individual Visual Timetable, a thoughtful and customizable resource designed to provide structure and support for children who benefit from visual cues in their daily routine. A visual timetable, comprised of pictures and symbols representing various activities throughout the day, serves as an invaluable tool for promoting a sense of security and control.

Children, particularly those with special educational needs or who are visual learners, may experience anxiety when faced with uncertainty about their daily schedule. This individual visual timetable is crafted to address this concern, offering a tailored solution that can be personalized according to each child's specific day.

Unlike conventional visual timetables used for the entire class, this resource provides a focused and individualized approach, allowing caregivers and educators to create a schedule that caters to the unique needs of each child. By offering a clear and visually supported representation of their day, this tool can alleviate anxiety and foster a sense of calm and confidence in children.

The pack includes 45 visual timetable cards showcasing various activities and lessons, complemented by clocks displaying o'clock, quarter past, half past, and quarter to for every hour. This comprehensive set ensures that the individual visual timetable not only communicates daily routines but also reinforces time-telling skills.

This pack includes 45 visual timetable cards showing activities and lesson as well as clocks showing o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to for every hour.

Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart.

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