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Establishing structured routines is key for an organized classroom and helping students feel secure. This Visual Timetable set makes it easy to create engaging daily schedules that provide consistency and stability.

The set includes 84 colorful symbol cards illustrating classroom activities, subjects, transitions and routines. Simply display the cards in sequence to provide a visual outline of the day's agenda and order of activities. Seeing each step of their day laid out visually gives students a predictable, consistent reference point.

Designed for whole-class display, these 84 visual timetable cards cover a wide range of activities and transitions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the school day. From morning routines to subject-specific sessions, the cards cater to diverse educational settings, supporting teachers in creating a consistent and organized learning environment.

A classroom visual timetable reduces anxiety for students who need structured routines. The visually displayed schedule promotes independence - students can check the timetable and prepare for transitions, without teacher prompts. Timetables also build important organization and sequencing skills.

Teachers can work collaboratively with students to create schedules that meet the needs and abilities of the class. Cards are adaptable and velcro-ready for adjusting daily. An essential classroom management tool for promoting on-task behavior, cooperation and independence!

The wonderful clipart os courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart.

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