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Before School Morning Routine Visual Timetable Cards

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About This Product

Sticking to structured routines before school promotes good behavior, independence and responsibility. These Before School Visual Timetables make it easy for parents to create personalized picture schedules for their child.

The set includes boy and girl versions, with 16 symbol cards illustrating common before school activities. Parents simply choose relevant cards and display them in sequence to provide a consistent visual agenda. Seeing their schedule laid out provides kids with clear expectations and a sense of control.

Cards included are:

  • Get Up

  • Breakfast

  • Bath

  • Shower

  • Brush Teeth

  • Put on Underwear

  • Put on Socks

  • Put Clothes On

  • Put Shoes On

  • Brush Hair

  • Wash

  • Put Coat On

  • Pack School Bag

  • Got to School

  • Pack Lunch

  • Toilet

Before school timetables reduce anxiety for children who thrive on routine. The picture cues promote independence - kids can follow the schedule to complete activities and prepare for transitions without constant reminders. Visual schedules also build time management and organizational skills.

Parents can work collaboratively with therapists, teachers and the child to tailor the timetable to their unique needs and abilities. Offering a before school routine that mirrors the one used at school provides consistency between environments. This fosters confidence and success.

Schedules are adaptable with the velcro-ready cards. An absolute must-have for promoting good habits, cooperation and self-regulation after school!

Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart

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