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Instrumental Hymns 1

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About This Product

Instrumental Hymns 1: An Enlightening Teaching Resource

This collection of 25 instrumental hymns serve both as a tool for personal enrichment and deepening religious knowledge in Life Studies classes. Packaged into a single zip file, these faith-based melodies equip educators with the ability to weave them seamlessly into their teaching methods.

"Whether teaching in public schools or conducting homeschooling sessions, this resource proves its versatility."

The calming hymns can act as background music creating a reflective atmosphere which is conducive for open discussions about religion and spirituality. Sentiments such as 'O how I love Jesus because He first loved me' could be used to spark conversations.

  • Tasks while listening: Performing tasks and exercises assisted by these soothing tunes can aid in consolidating learning through positive auditory reinforcement.
  • Versatile use: In addition to whole group sessions or one-on-one tutorials, Instrumental Hymns 1 can also come in handy during independent study times or small peer group activities.
  • Hymn-related homework tasks: Teachers can assign assignments related to researching the origins and meanings behind each song's lyrics.

Beyond academic purposes, Instrumental Hymns 1 fosters emotional wellbeing by encouraging personal worship and devotion practices. It ensures well-rounded education aimed at maximizing teachers’ impact on students’ lives academically and spiritually.

The audio file format allows smooth playback on multiple devices, making it convenient for varying class sizes—another testimony that it’s more than just another typical teaching supplement but an all-encompassing instrument empowering wholesome education.

What's Included

1 zip file with 25 songs

Resource Tags

spiritual enrichment religious education faith-based learning hymn study reflective atmosphere

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