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Ions Introduction Lesson

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Grade 8, 9, 10

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About This Product

Ions Introduction Lesson: An Interactive Chemistry Resource

The Ions Introduction Lesson is an expansive teaching resource designed to facilitate the understanding of Ions for learners in Grade 8, 9, and 10. This educational kit offers a complete overview on ions that aligns well with any Science or Chemistry curriculum.

It focuses on providing clear information about:

  • Atoms' net charges,
  • Electrons and protons,
  • Difference between cations and anions,
  • Determining ions' charge,
  • Drawing Lewis Structures for ions,
  • Naming strategies for ions, including multivalent ones.

The lesson comes in both Google Slides and PowerPoint versions, catering to varied teaching needs. To maintain student engagement throughout the lesson, it provides interactive activities like filling up blanks within the content accompanied by a teacher version.

In addition to this comprehensive resource, there is also a supplementary worksheet with answers which can be utilized as extra assignment post lecture. The link provided ensures easy integration into your digital storage solutions thus promoting distance learning capabilities.

Tech-Compatible & Student-Accessible

Your students can access resources from anywhere using tablets/smartphones/laptops. It allows whole group or small group instruction with added diversity during sessions.

Additionally,the product includes one auto-graded exit ticket also- enhancing assessment tasks of content delivered.Task scheduling becomes simpler allowing you to assign resources to your students effortlessly. The tools are accessible in both Google & office formats which shields you from potential formatting hurdles if school/department decides going100%Google.This doesn't raise formatting issues.Activities/tasks still carried out effectively maintaining problem-solving discussions engaging method used extensively by teachers. The Ions Introduction lesson forms part of a broader Chemistry unit package that touches on different related topics such as:
  • Physical/Chemical Changes & Properties,
  • Periodic Table & Bohr Rutherford Diagrams,
  • Lewis Structures,
  • Ionic Compounds,
  • Polyatomic Compounds,

User Feedback and Recommendations

The teaching resource received commendable reviews by prior users in the comment section increasing its reliability rating. Get your Ions Introduction Lesson today for an interactive teaching experience!

What's Included

In order, the lesson covers:

An introduction to what ions are including net charge

Review of electrons and protons and their charges

Cation vs. Anions

Determining the charge of an ion

Ions Lewis Structure drawing

Naming Ions

Multivalent Ions

Application of Ions

Included in the lesson package is:

Google and Office versions of each resource

The teacher version of the presentation

The student version of the presentation

Auto-graded Exit Ticket

ONE student worksheet with answeres

One video embedded into the presentation

Student lesson handout

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Ions Chemistry Science education Atomic structure Lewis structures

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