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It's Okay To Ask For Help | For 3rd-5th Grade

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Social Skills


Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

<h3>Title: It's Okay To Ask For Help | For 3rd-5th Grade</h3> <p>The best way to help children grasp various social skills, such as summoning the courage to ask for assistance, is through storytelling. Hence, 'It's Okay To Ask For Help' teaching resource has been thoughtfully designed for educators working with 3rd to 5th-grade students who may face difficulties seeking aid when needed.</p> <p>This educational tool uses simple and explicit dialogue that deconstructs varying scenarios into manageable steps. Using this, teachers can guide their learners in understanding socially appropriate behavior in given situations — asking for help doesn’t have to be a struggle! The stories aptly illustrate instances where seeking someone’s support might be necessary and teach how to go about it without hesitation.</p> <p>After exploring the story lessons collectively in class or small groups or as a part of an individual assignment, students will get an opportunity to ponder upon situations where they may need aid. They can work on imaginative exercises that encourage strategizing solutions they can use or identify people who could assist them. </p> <b><i>Features:</i></b>
  • <p>Owing emphasis on the concept of reinforcement learning, this resource comes loaded with engaging activities spanning over 55 pages including colorful classroom-friendly stories. There're also black-and-white versions perfect for personalization via coloring done by the students themselves—making these tales truly resonate! </li>
  • <p>Alongside these narrative resources are 'Asking For Help' role-play cards that promote interactive skill-building sessions among peers and within teacher-students frameworks alike. </li>
  • <p>Recognizing diverse learning environments catered by educators today—in schools or at homes—it includes Desk Top Strips focusing on ‘Asking For Help Behaviors' especially ideal for both girls and boys. These strips clearly delineate steps towards soliciting assistance gently yet effectively introducing behavioral patterns kids could imbibe. & #60;/li>
  • <p>To make its application more wide-ranging while maximizing ease of access amid shifting educational landscapes recently seen—it also incorporates Animated PowerPoint Story & Skill Builder thus making it vouch for distant learning sessions as well. </li>
<p>In summary, 'It's Okay To Ask For Help' resource has been designed to be not just instructional but genuinely engaging enough to make kids identify with various life situations requiring them to seek help. It adopts an approach that is straightforward, relatable and interactive making up for a memorable educational journey.& #60;/p>

What's Included

Included Please Find: 55 Pages

> Story: Color Story, Great For The Classroom

> Coloring Book Companion: Black And White Story, Great To Give To Your Students To Keep And To Color In As You Read and/or To Bring Home For Generalization

> Skill Builder 1: Student Worksheet {1 color, 1 black & white}

> Skill Builder 2: 8 "Asking For Help" Role Play Cards

> Skill Builder 3: Desk Top Strips: Asking For Help Behaviors, 1 for boys and 1 for girls

Desk Top Strips: The Steps For Asking For Help,1 for boys and 1 for girls

> Animated PowerPoint Story & Skill Builder {Great For Distance Learning!}

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