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Japanese Style Bookmarks

Japanese Style Bookmarks
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Multi-Cultural Bookmarks


International multicultural bookmarks are an inexpensive way to add artistic flair to your classroom. These Japanese Style Multicultural Bookmarks will complement any study on cultures. These gorgeous bookmarks make unique gifts also. Print on white cardstock or laminate them to make them last longer. Eight (8) unique single-sided bookmarks, size 2” x 6” – downloadable pdf file.

Are you looking for something special to add to your lessons that will make reading extra exciting for your students? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our printable bookmarks are an ideal way to help learners dive deeper into diverse cultures, while also learning essential reading strategies.

Our multicultural bookmarks feature beautiful elements from Japan, Africa, Moorish, Russia—and so much more! These bookmarks offer a unique way of bringing reading content alive. Using artwork as a visual stimulus, children can engage in lively conversations related to history and culture. Plus, with the included reading strategies laminated onto each bookmark, kids will be able to take their comprehension skills to a whole new level and ultimately become stronger readers.

Our bookmarks have proven extremely popular among both parents and teachers – they feel confident utilizing these fun elements in school activities as well as at home. Give your students a chance to explore different cultures and enhance their reading skills with our amazing printable bookmarks!

Objectives for bookmarks:

  • Recognize unique styles of different cultures.

  • Develop cultural sensitivity.

  • Encourage reading.

  • Supplement art classes.

You can find my storefront here: Homeschooling Dietitian Mom

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