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June Morning Meetings

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4

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About This Product

June Morning Meetings

The June Morning Meetings resource is thoughtfully designed for primary school educators seeking to effortlessly inject the essence of community, connection, and learning into their morning routines. This bank of 25 distinctive activities targets important social-emotional skills while adding a dynamically educational start to your class days throughout the month of June.

Every activity incorporated in this resource aligns with a specific day in June making it simple for instructors to prepare and stay organized. The product has been meticulously tailored to be integrated into various settings such as whole group exercises, small groups, or homework assignments depending upon your teaching strategies and objectives.

A Notable Feature

One notable feature of the pack is its efficient inclusion of both digital and printable formats enabling teachers freedom in selecting the mode that suits their classroom's needs. It also presents an editable slide adaptable enough for endless duplication and customization with your unique ideas for Morning Meetings.

  • Team-building activities:
  • Honing vital competences:
  • An energetic start to school days:

This tool makes achieving these goals achievable. With a user-friendly layout coupled with high-quality content well-suited for students from grade one through four, it magnifies the power and effectivity held by a well-implemented morning meeting process.

Morning Meetings can be adapted according to personal preference. You are encouraged not just adopt but adapt these resources in ways which augment your overall class environment best suits your classroom ethos.

Forthcoming Packs & Packet Contents

We have other forthcoming packs containing themed materials aimed at extending this enriching tradition throughout other parts of the academic year! The packet contains 25 full-color Microsoft PowerPoint slides prepped for daily usage alongside additional blank slides waiting eagerly for your input- stirring up refreshing rounds ahead!

In essence, our June Morning Meeting Resource offers flexibility combined with quality-driven content specifically woven together bearing teacher’s convenience at heart whilst fostering student’s mindfulness about essential life skills early on in their student journey.

What's Included

** 25 full coloured Powerpoint slides for daily use

** Editable slides for you to make your own Morning Meetings

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morning routines social-emotional skills community building educational activities June activities

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