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Juneteenth Worksheet: Informational Text

About This Product

This Juneteenth informational text reading comprehension worksheet is designed to help students understand the significance of Juneteenth - an American holiday celebrated annually on June 19. The worksheet includes a brief history of the event and its importance in commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. The worksheet also includes vocabulary words such as commemorate, enslaved, and significance, which will help students enhance their comprehension skills. With this worksheet, students will be able to answer questions related to the historical event and its significance, while also reflecting on why Juneteenth is an important holiday to celebrate.

Comprehension questions encourage critical thinking about the impact of slavery on people's lives, the importance of communication, and ways to fight modern forms of enslavement, like human trafficking. An extension activity challenges students to research and write about a person or group that advocated for civil rights and overcame obstacles to bring about positive change. By exploring Juneteenth, students will gain a deeper understanding of US history and the ongoing struggle for freedom and equality. Juneteenth, emancipation, civil rights, oppression, human trafficking, US history.


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