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Kelso's Choices SEL Smartboard Activity Plus Bonus Color Bookmarks

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Kelso's Choices SEL Smartboard Activity Plus Bonus Color Bookmarks

The product is a dynamic teaching resource aimed to make learning interactive and exciting. It is an ideal tool for teaching students from Kindergarten to Grade 3, focusing on enhancing vital life skills.

Main Component

  • This activity involves an engaging Smartboard lesson incorporating Notebook software.
  • The user-friendly interface provides children with opportunities to draw their own small problems and associate them with one of Kelso's choices, aiding a better understanding and absorption of the concepts.
  • Fostering both individual learning and group cooperation, this unique toolkit offers all-encompassing educational support by also helping in nurturing social skills among children.

Classroom Usage

  • The resource can be used during entire class discussions or smaller "breakout" groupings where students collaborate on solutions using provided prompts.
  • This could also be given as creative home assignments.

Kelso's Choices SEL Smartboard Activity keeping engagement alive with additional features: YouTube raps!

Bonus Feature

Vibrant color bookmarks keeping track of Kelso’s choices are present as an added feature that can be edited according to each child's preferences! These are convenient tools ready for printing.

To effectively use Kelso’s Choices SEL Smartboard Activity Plus Bonus Color Bookmarks, File download requires Microsoft Word compatibility ensuring you have access anytime you need it!.

Available Online

By integrating both learning and fun, this resource is a vital addition to every educator's toolset.

What's Included

A zip file containing a 3 slide Smartboard lesson plus colorful Kelso's Choices bookmarks.

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SEL Smartboard Interactive Life Skills Raps

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