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Let's Learn About Kelso's Choices SEL Boom Deck-With Audio

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About This Product

Let's Learn About Kelso's Choices SEL Boom Deck-With Audio

A comprehensive, interactive teaching tool designed primarily for students from Preschool and Kindergarten up to Grade 3. It focusses on guiding students through the various problem-solving strategies of Kelso's Choices, helping them to distinguish between big and small problems.

  • Multimedia resources: The deck features engaging activities with audio support on each card, boosting oral comprehension skills.
  • Versatile: Use it in a diversified range of settings - either for whole group interactions or within smaller groups/pairs.
  • "Choose your Adventure" format: The activities are given in a user-friendly story format involving Nico and his exploration of Kelso’s choices.
  • Hone Skills at Own Pace: Assigning tasks from this deck as homework offers students additional time to grasp these strategies outside the classroom setting.

Note that consistent internet connection is necessary due to its web-based design. Students can access from modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge; but also have app options available for Android devices, iPads iPhones and Kindle Fires.

    Safety & Monitoring Features:
  1. An account required by adults ensures safety.
    • - Bonus: Fast Pins offer instant grading feedback!

  2. Premium accounts further extend the advantages provided by reporting student progress directly back to teachers so they can adjust instruction strategies more frequently based on real data!

    Before any purchase, you can make use of a free trial to explore all its functionalities. The road to better social emotional learning has never been more accessible!

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the image.

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