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Kelso's Choices Smartboard Activity Plus Bonus Color Bookmarks

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About This Product

Your students will have fun with this interactive Smartboard lesson. You will need access to Notebook software. Students will pull up a small problem and match it with a Kelso's Choice. There are 25 small problems so all students in your class will get a turn. On the last page, if you click on the small globe besides the frog, your class will enjoy a Kelso's Choices rap from YouTube. As a bonus, this file contains editable Kelso's Choices bookmarks. You need to be able to download Notebook for this activity.

What's Included

A zip file containing a 3 slide Smartboard lesson plus colorful Kelso's Choices bookmarks.

Resource Tags

Kelso's choicesSELsocial-emotional learningsmartboard activityinteractive whiteboard