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Kids Yoga Bingo Game

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About This Product

This kid's yoga Bingo game is a SUPER FUN way to help children learn and practice yoga poses while playing a familiar BRAIN BREAK activity! Check out my Yoga Pose Card Set if you need instructions how to teach the yoga poses.

Suggested Play:
Place pose cards face down and have children take turns picking a pose card. After the card is selected, encourage the children try to do the pose and mark it on their cards. The first person to get Bingo wins!

This resource is great for:
⭐ Children's Yoga Classes
⭐ Mindful Moments
⭐ Brain Breaks
⭐ Sensory & Movement Breaks
⭐ Gym Class
⭐ Transitions
⭐ Indoor Recess
⭐ Morning Group
⭐ Rainy Day Activities
⭐ Calm-Down Time

Physical Benefits of Yoga:
⛹ Helps Build Strength, Balance, and Coordination
⛹ Aides in Maintaining Flexibility
⛹ Relaxes and Helps Alleviate Stress
⛹ Teaches Children Self-Awareness
⛹ Increases Body Awareness & Overall Muscle Tone
⛹ Great for Warming-Up Before Sports
⛹ Helps Children Channel their Energy

Emotional & Mental Benefits of Yoga:
❤️ Increased Confidence
❤️ Encourages Mindfulness
❤️ Helps Steady Emotions, Reduce Anxiety & Stress
❤️ Teaches Self-Regulation & Calming Techniques
❤️ Non-Competitive & Non-Judgmental- Helps Kids feel Valued & Accepted
❤️ It’s All-Inclusive and Children can Participate at their own Comfort Level
❤️ Teaches Self-Discipline & Reduces Impulsivity
❤️ Helps Children Manage their Anxiety
❤️ Aides in Developing Emotional Regulation Skills
❤️ Enhances Children’s Memory & Concentration
❤️ Teaches Self-Acceptance
❤️ Helps Boosts Children’s Self-Esteem & Supports Positive Mental Health

Click here to check out more of my mindfulness, self-regulation, calming/coping skills, classroom decor, kid's yoga activities, and preschool teacher listings.

What's Included

✨ 30 Different Bingo Cards

✨ 24 Yoga Pose Calling Cards

✨ Optional Decorative Backs

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