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Kids Yoga Stories: Yoga Card Games for Kids

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About This Product

Kids Yoga Stories: Yoga Card Games for Kids

Yoga Card Games for Kids is a comprehensive teaching resource designed mainly for educators working with students from Preschool to Grade 3. This interactive package introduces yoga to young learners through gameplay.

A Resource Beyond Classroom Instruction

This resource extends beyond regular classroom instruction by integrating yoga into everyday school routines, promoting physical activity and mindfulness. It's ideal for use in Physical Education or Health classes and can be adapted to suit varying conditions – from whole group activities during class time to small group settings in after-school clubs or even as creative homework assignments.

About The Package Contents

The 24-page PDF encloses complete instructions for 15 interesting games tailor-made for use with a selection of yoga cards (available separately). These game-based learning tools foster kinesthetic learning whilst improving motor skills and flexibility among early grade children.

  • The Games:
  • Each game listed comes with explicit details including
    • A list of necessary materials
    • The number of players required
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to play each individual game.
    This singular resource guarantees that teachers can efficiently plan their lessons and smoothly conduct them without any hassle.
  • Educational Value:
  • Not just entertaining but also educationally meaningful, 'Kids Yoga Stories: Yoga Card Games for Kids' stands out as an exceptional addition to any teacher's kit; inspiring fun-filled experiences while instilling health habits amongst kids. With this unique blend of enjoyable and fitness-oriented games at your disposal, you not only encourage children’s involvement but also foster healthier lifestyle choices that can potentially sustain throughout their lifetime.
  • Accessibility:
  • This teaching resource has been curated keeping accessibility in mind. It aims to reinforce collaboration skills amongst children during gameplay and boost physical development, all whilst being submerged in fun!

What's Included

A total of 24 pages

Resource Tags

yoga games physical activity mindfulness kinesthetic learning wellness habits

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