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Kindness is Our Jam Bulletin Board Kit, Door Decoration Set, or Poster

An educational teaching resource from The Simplistic Teacher entitled Kindness is Our Jam Bulletin Board Kit, Door Decoration Set, or Poster downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Kindness is Our Jam Bulletin Board Kit, Door Decoration Set, or Poster

This intriguing and meaningful school decoration serves the purpose of promoting kindness. It's simple to implement: print, cut, and hang! Those seeking an oversized version can have it professionally printed. The kit includes all necessary elements to assemble the set.


This resource can take on multiple roles: a background for online learning sessions; spontaneously distributed around your classroom or hallway; a tool for homeschooling parents. Its emphasis on kindness makes it suitable for year-round use as well as back-to-school decorations.

Educational Impact

This bulletin board works seamlessly with any kindness campaign in schools. It highlights the value of adopting a kind character. All files are easily downloadable from the provided URL link into a PDF format.

Kit Components:

  • Black-line formatted letters: These allow you full control over their colour scheme
  • PNG letters: Specifically designed for cutting machines
  • Three different sizes options (18x24", 24x36", 36x48"):suitable for oversized printing
  • Detailed instructions:Included on both the printing process and tips on completing your board efficiently
  • Cutomizable phones using PowerPoint:User input texts are possible! A dedicated "kindness" writing page.
Note:If you'd like to print large versions (18"x24" & 24"x36"), consider acquiring service from local-print shops like Staples or Office Max that support large scale printing requirement.Engineer prints instruction are embedded within kit. Charges may apply in line with store policies.

Please note that the size may vary if you opt for a DIY print compared to a professionally printed version. We recommend allocating about 30"x40" of space for your board. Also, this product is versatile, making it suitable for any grade level and any back-to-school decoration!

What's Included


letters in black-line format

optional colored letters

PNG file of letters to use with a cutting machine

3 print sizes for oversized printing *18x24, *24x36, and *36x48

instructions for oversized printing (requires your local print shop-prices vary)

tips for completing your board

PPT of phones to add text to

kindness writing page


Perfect! This will require the help of your local print shop like Staples, Office Max, Kinkos, Wal-Greens, and more! Here's what you'll receive to help you with that process! This is completely optional! You can still complete this set by cutting by hand or using a cutting machine!

3 print options (8x10) can be printed from your own computer

18x24 and 24x36 should be engineer printed to make a huge impact!

Directions on how to make an engineer print included (engineer prints cost about a medium espresso, but SO WORTH IT! Printing prices and availability will vary from one print shop to another. While my Staples is able to print this for around $6.00, I cannot guarantee other print shops or your Staples will do the same.

Please note: Assembled version will vary from professionally printed version. Assembled version is roughly the same size as if you printed this at the 24x36 print option, but give yourself at least 30x40 inches of space. Thanks for stopping by!

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