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KS1 science planting bulbs (Autumn)

An educational teaching resource from Lilibette's Resources entitled KS1 science planting bulbs (Autumn) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

KS1 Science Planting Bulbs (Autumn)

The KS1 Science Planting Bulbs (Autumn) is a dynamic teaching resource focused on first-grade students' introduction to the world of botany. This lesson plan is created around planting hyacinth bulbs, offering an interactive and hands-on science education opportunity.

This lesson enables students to observe and compare, thus growing their natural curiosity. Furthermore, it offers in-depth explanations into:
  • Understanding what a bulb is.
  • The process of bulb growth.

The material comes bundled in a transparent ten-page PDF file format that interlaces useful insights with practical application opportunities.This ensures not only theoretical understanding but also the formation of concrete concepts through actual interaction with plants.

As part of its user-friendly nature, this guide includes extendable activities aimed at relative exploration and richening understanding:
  • Versatile activities adaptable for whole group instruction or smaller focus groups.
  • Potential to modify for classwork or homework assignments promoting independent investigations.

Also included are ways for comprehensive questions and recording methods that underpin student analytical capabilities while also instilling excellent research practices from their educational journey's onset.

This guided approach caters right from understanding botany's basics like bulbs to observable growth over several weeks – making this lesson plan useful throughout one academic term's period in autumn. Whether you are a public school teacher wanting your students engaged deeply into scientific study or homeschoolers looking for authentic materials that offer practically appealing learning experiences within controlled environments – this product oozes flexibility!

Conclusively, this custom-designed tool perfectly fits First Grade science curricula needs, transforming the Botany lessons into a fun-filled routine endeavor rather than a monotonous theory activity!

What's Included

One ten page PDF

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