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KS4 Literature: (10) ‘The Tempest’ – The Epilogue

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

KS4 Literature: (10) 'The Tempest' - The Epilogue

This teaching resource is designed for educators seeking an efficient way to delve into one of William Shakespeare's final works. The provided 11-slide PowerPoint serves as a complete lesson plan, needing no additional preparation from the teacher.

Curriculum Fit

Catering to grades 9 - 12, this resource fits perfectly into the Language Arts subject with special emphasis on Literature. This content has been methodically structured to cover all aspects of the epilogue from 'The Tempest'.

Visual Appeal and Engagement

The slides, adorned with dynamic illustrations not only impart knowledge but also cater to visual learners enhancing their engagement.

Educational Asset Components

  • Glossary: Introduces students to unfamiliar words or phrases in the text, solidifying their understanding and vocabulary.
  • Summary and Analysis Questions: To challenge student comprehension while promoting critical thinking skills.
  • A writing task: Aligns style and structure with content mastery, encouraging students to apply what they've learnt in written form effectively.
  • An extension task:Lends depth for those who wish further exploration into topics or areas of interest.


Ideal for various teaching methods such as whole group instruction or small study groups,this tool can be equally effective as homework material leveraging distant learning techniques.Students studying independently would also find it beneficial as it offers a thorough revision aid consolidating class material.

In essence,, KS4 Literature: (10) 'The Tempest' - The Epilogue product benefits educators by giving well-rounded pedagogical support in line with approved teaching standards while enhancing student engagement and performance at different competency levels.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 11 ready to display slides

Resource Tags

Shakespeare Literature analysis Epilogue Critical thinking skills Vocabulary development

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