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La Lección de August - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6

La Lección de August - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6
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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

La Lección de August - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6

The La Lección de August - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6 is an immersive teaching resource specially designed to challenge 5th and 6th-grade students and enhance their Spanish language skills.

The kit revolves around a captivating story, “La Lección de August,” which helps children grasp the profound lesson of not judging someone by their appearances. As educators unveil the narrative, students dive into the intricacies of identity while also nurturing their advanced critical reasoning abilities using the Bloom's Taxonomy guidelines.

Inclusive Activities in the Teaching Kit:

  • Classroom interviews: Students provide insight into each pupil's takeaways from this profound tale.
  • Creative book cover design: Stimulate creativity while reinforcing comprehension.
  • Text-analysis exercises: Guide scholars in exploring why Auggie's opinion about school changes over time.

Bonus Materials with Language Acquisitions Skills :

  1. Crossword puzzle to supplement language acquisition skills seamlessly within your learning environment
  2. A word search activity that perfects vocabulary learning

In alignment with state standards and structured according to Bloom’s Taxonomy, it also includes quizzes followed by answer keys designed to regularly assess student understanding of both plot details and underlying themes . “La Lección de August” dually serves as an insightful tool allowing young learners an opportunity to empathize with different lived experiences whilst combating stereotype bias subtly embedded within societal norms .

Download La Lección de August - Kit (PDF format)

This inclusive Book Companion skillfully integrates elements of language learning along with character building pathways making it an ideal pick for educators seeking to diversify their teaching repertoire. The La Lección de August - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6 is not just a literature kit but an educational journey promoting acceptance, empathy, and understanding on various levels amongst blossoming global citizens!

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