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Un Puente Hacia Terabithia - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6

Un Puente Hacia Terabithia - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6
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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

Un Puente Hacia Terabithia - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6

Un Puente Hacia Terabithia - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6 is a valuable educational resource for educators and homeschoolers alike. This comprehensive literature kit focuses on the captivating story of friendship, discovery, and loss in the acclaimed novel "Un Puente Hacia Terabithia". Designed with Grade 5 and 6 students in mind, the kit also lends itself to teaching world languages with a focus on Spanish.

This teaching resource provides an imaginative journey where students are encouraged to read through open-ended prompts exploring themes present in the novel.

  • Anticipation builds as they predict plot points based solely on its cover, enhancing their critical thinking skills.
  • They'll practice sequencing events leading up to the creation of Terabithia—a major storyline element fostering their understanding of narrative progression.

Vocabulary Expansion & Creative Expression

A vocabulary expansion operation is set into motion by encouraging students to find word meanings and construct sentences with those newfound words—a challenging yet gratifying exercise promoting language proficiency. There's also an opportunity for creative expression as learners can create their own imaginary place like Terabithia.

Included Resources

An included graphic event calendar helps pupils follow novel events month by month, boosting comprehension retention without being monotonous. As supplementary resources:

  • Crosswords and word searches are available alongside comprehension tests mapped onto their state standards—an all-round tool that makes learning language engaging while exercising multiple cognitive skills at once.

The Prevalent Theme: Friendship

The prevalent theme throughout this novel is friendship which helps children learn empathy from Jesse Aarons' unique experience—the primary character—who loves running until he gets challenged by newcomer Leslie Burke who later introduces him to Terabithia—their secret forest hideout—and leaves a profound impression on him upon her tumultuous exit from his life.

The Kit: an Easy-to-Use PDF

This easy-to-use PDF file is your one-stop solution for bringing rich literary experiences into your classroom or home education setup flexibly—whether as whole group instruction or smaller study groups complementing homework assignments. Incorporate this Kit de Literatura into your curriculum for an engaging, educational, and enjoyable teaching and learning experience.

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