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Learn Spelling Rule i before e, except after c - Read 'A Day Out At The Forest'

Learn Spelling Rule i before e, except after c - Read 'A Day Out At The Forest'
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Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Learn Spelling Rule i before e, except after c - Read 'A Day Out At The Forest'

This is a highly instrumental teaching resource designed to aid in the development of reading skills. Key for children aged 4 and above, this engaging reading pack focuses on helping students master the English spelling rule: “i before e, except after c”.

The package makes use of lively narratives-inside Sam’s adventures-which breathe life into phonics education. It plans out gradual integration of an impressive 44 distinct phonic sounds into the text, offering a joyous method for learning these sounds.

The material can be tailored to suit various needs; use it for personal tuition or small group studies with guidance provided by educators or parents. This versatility combined with its comprehensive plan makes it suitable for children who find traditional methods difficult or whose first language isn’t English.

  • Each pack introduces a new sound which children must master through repeated practice over time.
  • Filled with fun exercises such as matching words to images, these sheets encourage memory retention while maintaining high engagement.
  • This system is beneficial particularlygfor reluctant readers by making word dissections feel seamless and effortless.

The series coordination with packs from same scheme ensures fast but firm mastery from basic sounds to complex ones like word suffixes and prefixes.

A standalone product centered on ‘i before e’ rule still guarantees quick progression even when used sparingly due to its innovative approach-teaching spelling rules using activity-filled stories within familiar surroundings!

Total Advantages

  • Promotes an estimated 80% fluency over English-language words hence ensuring your student becomes independent readers.
  • Makes complex literature like Roald Dahl's 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and 'Fantastic Mr Fox' accessible after program completion.

What's Included

26 pages

Resource Tags

spelling rulesphonics educationreading skillsinstructional narrative textsindependent readers

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