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Play A Game Of ‘What Do You Spot?’ To Reinforce Three Letter Words (4-7 years)

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About This Product

Introducing 'Play A Game Of 'What Do You Spot?' To Reinforce Three Letter Words (4-7 years)

This invaluable resource is designed to assist early learners, primarily those in preschool up to grade 1. The game offers an engaging method for children to phonetically connect three-letter words with corresponding images.

The game's concept:

The simplicity of the game proves effective in encouraging young readers not only to vocalize phonic words but also link them with matching pictures. Focusing on three or four highlighted words per page provides significant advantages for beginners.

Versatility and Effective Use:
  • Ten-page PDF adaptable based on a learner's needs
  • Can be given as homework for individual practice
  • Suitable for small group play during class time or whole group tasks
  • Integration into any teaching schedule

Included in Zoggy Zero Scheme

Remember that this unique educational tool is just one part of our innovative Zoggy Zero scheme. This comprehensive program boosts the foundational skills kids need on their journey towards reading and writing proficiency.

Covered Key Focus Areas:

    • Ideal homeschooling tool beside formal school settings where emphasis lies mutually upon nurturing literacy proficiency.
    Aiding Independent Progression & Confident Readers!

    Educators will appreciate how effortlessly 'Play A Game Of 'What Do You Spot?' To Reinforce Three Letter Words' can be incorporated into daily teaching schedules. Watch with joy as young learners progressively spell longer utterances independently, blossoming into confident readers!

What's Included

10 pages

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