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Learn To Spell Words With ‘ea’ And More Tricky Middle Sounds 7-11

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product


'Learn to Spell Words With 'ea' and More Tricky Middle Sounds 7-11' is a unique educational resource that creates excitement around spelling challenges for children aged between 7-11. The tool primarily aims to demystify tricky middle sounds in spelling, with special emphasis on the 'ea' sound.

A Unique Approach to Learning

The standout feature of this product is its approachability. The traditional tedium often associated with grammar exercises is replaced by an alien character - Zoggy, who uses cartoons, messages, nonsensical rhymes and mnemonics to make learning enjoyable. The course consists of twelve spelling challenges each one addressing areas that commonly confuse students.

A Focus on Problematic Sounds

  • Ea is The Master Of Disguise: A section dedicated solely to understanding the various ways in which the 'ea' sound presents itself; for example: earth', 'break', ear', ready', wear’, and ‘heart’.
  • The rule of ‘I’ before ‘e’, except after ‘c’: This confusing rule also gets its share of attention in this resource pack.

Multisensory Learning Approach

This teaching aid engages multiple senses ensuring maximized engagement while learning:

  1. Verbalizing words aloud
  2. Repeating rhymes
  3. Pronouncing word phonetics
  4. Reading and writing exercise including covering up previously written work and trying again independently / Instruction\Resource Pack Suitable for both whole group instructions as well as splitting into smaller groups.

Homework Assignments

All the material can also be used for providing home assignments, making sure that learning doesn't stop at school and continues in an equally exciting manner at home.

Product Features

Available as a PDF file focused on language arts and spelling worksheets. It's best suited for Grades 2 through to Grade 5 which makes 'Learn to Spell Words With 'ea' and More Tricky Middle Sounds 7-11' a fun and engaging way to help your child conquer those tricky spellings with confidence!

What's Included

6 pages

Resource Tags

spelling challenges middle sounds 'ea' sound multisensory learning engaging activities

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