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Learning Colors & Shapes Songs

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About This Product

The Learning Colors & Shapes Songs: An educational treasure trove

This resource is painstakingly crafted with the aim of making learning an engaging, tactile and enjoyable experience for preschoolers and young students by uniquely fusing art, music, and academia - thus proving itself to be a powerful tool in the modern educator's arsenal.


A compact zip file contains 11 musical tracks. Each song is dense with information about colors and shapes, providing a fresh method of education through auditory stimulation as opposed to traditional text-based or visual methods.

Educational characters

During the course of these songs, children are introduced to charming characters such as "Sammy Sue" – a friendly shark who loves to educate about shapes through her triangular teeth and circular eyes. Her creative ways are bound to spark your student's imagination!

Versatile Usage:
  • In-class teaching: This resource can be incorporated effortlessly into classroom instruction.
  • Small group work: It can also be leveraged during group activities for reinforcement.
  • Homeschooling asset: It acts as excellent homework material where parents can involve themselves in their child's education.
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Along with this utility, it serves as an excellent foundational platform for educators wanting to blend this basic core element into other subjects like Math or Science. In conclusion, don’t miss out on this unique innovative platform where fun intersects with learning. The amalgamation of Music (known for memory enhancement) combined with color/shape recognition (crucial cognitive skills) serves as key stepping stones towards enhancing kids' all-round cognitive abilities. The "Learning Colors & Shapes Songs", therefore proves itself beyond just a standalone educational tool, rather becomes an essential component within a broad-based interdisciplinary teaching strategy aimed at shaping well-rounded students ready to conquer larger curricular challenges in the future.

What's Included

1 zip file with 11 songs

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Colors Shapes Preschool Education Music

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