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Learning Problem Solving: Critical Thinking and Creativity Skills Gr. 3-8+

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Life Skills


Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Learning Problem Solving: Critical Thinking and Creativity Skills Gr. 3-8+

This chapter slice is a part of the robust lesson plan "Learning Problem Solving", it provides an inventory of resources devised to assimilate critical problem-solving skills into students' learning process. The compilation incorporates real-life activities, role-playing scenarios, and open-ended strategies offering students an all-round experience.

At its root lies the foundation for churning out productive employees or innovative entrepreneurs from our classrooms. It activates young learners by introducing them to creative group art projects enhancing their critical thinking ability along with developing their creativity quotient.

  • Students are propelled into action as navigators in their quests for solutions rather than being passive absorbers of information.
  • The resource underscores dedication, hard work, productivity, and success as cornerstones for effective problem-solving - invariably inducing growth mindsets among learners.
  • Rather than just focussing on rote learning; it goes beyond by fostering the skill of accurate interpretation & analysis - a quintessential skillset today!

Curriculum Integration

The curriculum can be smoothly blended with whole group lectures or smaller study groups allowing flexibility in educators' approach toward instruction. Standalone reproducible worksheets are included within resources crafted prudently with intent to mould lifelong problem solvers out of our students!

Ease Of Access

The content is delivered in PDF format ensuring user-friendly access across various hardware without any loss in data integrity or formatting issues—makes this tool convenient and suitable for imparting vital life skills among middle-grade schoolers (third through eighth grades).

A simple yet potent tool that merges traditional teaching techniques with modern-day requirements seamlessly to offer an extraordinary platform fostering robust learning in students, both in and beyond the classroom.

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