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Tangram Tile Activity

About This Product

The Tangram Tile Activity: An Effective Teaching Resource

The Tangram Tile Activity is a robust educational tool aimed at learners from Preschool to Grade 6. Designed for both public school and homeschooling environments, this activity uses tangram puzzles to engage learners in interactive learning.

Main Objectives

  • Spatial reasoning: By working with various shapes, students gain an understanding of the interplay between spaces and shapes.
  • Problem-solving: Assembling the tiles into specified designs challenges learner's logical thinking and creativity.
  • Creativity: Tiles arrange into unique patterns enhancing students' imaginative thinking and self-expression skills.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Understanding each shape's relationship with other pieces requires analytical skills and promotes critical thought process.

Add-on Benefits

Tangram activities help improve hand-eye coordination as they require precise motor skills for arranging them correctly. They are valuable aids when teaching geometry, basic science, and promoting creativity within learning groups.

Specially Designed for Early Learners

This particular set escalates from simple compositions to more complex ones introducing beginner-level participants smoothly into these creations’ engaging world. Tiles are well-spaced making it easier for students facing challenges related to motor functions or visual interpretation issues. Besides having a counting exercise which allows enumeration practice from one through ten, there also 19 patterned-design cards ranging levels catering perfectly across different abilities ensuring progress at every step. These printable activities in PDF format can be used flexibly as individual homework assignments, small group workshops or as a comprehensive classroom resource.

What's Included

A PDF with 26 pages

Resource Tags

tangram puzzles spatial reasoning problem-solving creativity critical thinking

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