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Superhero Problem Solving, Debate & Writing Activity

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About This Product

Online Superhero Game Build-a-Hero Extension Activity

The Online Superhero Game Build-a-Hero Extension Activity is a teaching resource suitable for grades 1 to 5, with a particular focus on subjects such as Language Arts, Life Studies, and Specialty Resources in the curriculum. It's an exercise designed to stimulate creativity and critical thinking among learners.

Creative Warm-ups & Debates

The activity begins with creative warm-ups where students envision different tactical uses for objects. This stage opens opportunities for class debates - encouraging students' argumentation skills.

Mega Matrix Exercise

The subsequent step involves a matrix exercise where elements are combined based on students' choices - inclusive for all learners including ESL, GATE, and neurodiverse ones. The matrix can then form the basis of presentations or written pieces.

Pedagogical Adaptability

  • Writing prompts: As inspiration to create diverse pieces of writing.

  • Creative problem-solving debates: To enhance creativity in STEM or GATE classes.

  • Inclusive environment: Fosters inclusivity by allowing differentiation according to student capabilities in response length and complexity.

Distinguishing Features:
  • Solutions are open-ended promoting problem-solving abilities among learners.

  • Built-in differentiation options within its Microsoft PowerPoint implementation.

  • Variants available such as 'An Astronaut's Toolbox', 'A Chef's Toolbox', etc., including Spanish versions to cater better diversity. A helpful description script is also included.

All in all, the Online Superhero Game Build-a-Hero Extension Activity not only garners creativity, critical thinking but shares a sense of collaboration among learners by offering an adaptable format acclimatizing to the diverse classroom needs.

With room for learners to express their creativity, complex problem solving, and unique perspective, the debate aspect of this activity brings in a low-pressure, yet enjoyable challenge for learners.

Rounding out this activity with a challenge to create a superhero allows learners to express themselves in writing. If needed, further modification could be made to allow learners to express their ideas through acting!

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