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Lemon Themed Name Tags, Editable Desk Help Name Tags

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About This Product

Perhaps it is the start of the school year and you are looking to get your new classroom organized! Maybe it is the middle of the school year and you'd like to revamp some old things. One thing that lower elementary teachers always have in mind is name plates, name tags, and desk tags! These important tools will carry our students through the school year because they are packed with vital information that our young learners love to have. This resource is a set of name plates that doesn't miss the mark. These Lemon Themed Name Tags will have everything you need and fit right into your classroom!

What You Get:

-  Directions for name tags

-  Modern manuscript name tags

-  Traditional print name tags

-  Each set of name tags are offered with lines, without lines, and with an editable format to type student names


These Lemon Themed Name Tags are packed with so much information. Each name tag features:

1.     Alphabet line

2.     Left and right hands

3.     Number line for 1 – 20

4.     Hundreds square chart

5.     Two blank ten frames

6.     10 shapes (2D and 3D) that are printed in different colors. The shape name and color name are identified.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

5 PDFs and 2 PowerPoints

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