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Lesson 1: "Responsibility" Complete Bundle

An educational teaching resource from Ethics4Schools entitled Lesson 1: "Responsibility" Complete Bundle downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The Responsibility Complete Bundle:

An all-inclusive teaching resource tailored for educators engaged in both public school and homeschooling. Specifically designed to impart values of honesty and responsibility to children from preschool up to grade 5.

What's Inside The Bundle:

  • 'Responsibility.pdf': A systematically organized lesson plan that simplifies the process of delivering crucial lessons on personal responsibility.
  • Engaging Extras: Including a cartoon and story focusing on the theme of accepting responsibility, which helps stimulate children's imagination while instilling important life values.
  • 'If I did it, I admit it.MP4': An interactive music video (with full sing and karaoke versions), specifically designed for the modern digital classroom to reinforce learning in an enjoyable manner. MP3 format also available, providing added versatility for integrating into various teaching strategies.
  • Fascinating Additional Assets: Contain reproducible art materials and activities promoting hands-on learning through active student participation. Complemented with regular assessment questions ensuring thorough comprehension at each stage of learning about the value of responsibility.

Note that this educational resource aligns well with the American School Counselor Association's objectives as well as Mindsets & Behaviors: Program Planning Tool. The intent is not just fostering academic development but grooming responsible citizens too.

This bundle offers excellent adaptability across various settings – ranging from whole-group discussions during class hours to small group study sessions after-school or homework assignments. It thoroughly accommodates different types of lesson plans under special resources encouraging social-emotional learning effectively using a mixed-method approach.

In Conclusion:

The Responsibility Complete Bundle, is essentially your go-to resource for integrating character education within your teaching framework. This package is dynamic, extensive, and resonates with the contemporary ethos of well-rounded child development.

What's Included

Module 1 of "Stop, Think, Choose" Character Education Book

- Responsibility.pdf lesson plan

- If I did it, I admit it.MP4: music video in full sing and karaoke versions

- If I did it, I admit it.MP3: song in full sing and karaoke versions

- Responsibility animated story from the module

- Reproducible Art + Activities

Resource Tags

responsibility education character development social-emotional learning lesson plans teaching resources

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