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Let's Chat Conversation Cards | "Believe And You Will Achieve"

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About This Product

Let's Chat Conversation Cards for "Believe And You Will Achieve."

The “Let’s Chat Conversation Cards is a wonderful resource to help students build a positive mindset. This resource is part of a whole program that works towards having students believe they can be compassionate, have perseverance, respect, and responsibility and through it all, achieve great things!

Let’s Chat Conversation Cards allows for real conversations through which students may learn of different perspectives and strengthen friendships through truly understanding each other.

This resource is a set of Let's Chat Conversation Cards for "Believe And You Will Achieve." There are 57 other Let's Chat resources available, along with matching Respectful Signage listed under "graphics".

The "Home Connects" for families is available in English and Spanish.

Meridian MS Public Schools has been a partner district of Respectful Ways since October of 2020 and they shared this year’s Panorama Data with us. 

Meridian students who are utilizing Respectful Ways and PBIS showed great improvements in these 3 key areas: 

  • 12% higher GPAs

  • 37% attendance improvements

  • 93% less referrals

Respectful Ways is a trauma-informed program:

  • Assessment: Take our survey to assess your school climate.  

  • Targeted Results:  Your survey identifies modules that meet your students' social and emotional needs. Our trauma-informed online curriculum has been vetted by the Attachment & Trauma Network.

  • Custom Professional Development: We offer workshops with subject-matter experts who use your data to address student behavioral needs and educator wellness needs. 

  • Blended Education Interventions: Respectful Ways (RW) integrates seamlessly with different instructional frameworks such as PBIS and MTSS, using evidence and research-based practices.

For more information email or call 404-955-8882.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

8 PDFs

2 Word docs


- Printable Let's Chat cards

- The Promise Pledge

- one-page Lesson Plan

- Standards for American School Counselor Association and Common Core

- Printable student award

- Home Connects in English and Spanish

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