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Let's Learn About Teamwork! An SEL Google Slide Lesson

Let's Learn About Teamwork! An SEL Google Slide Lesson
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About This Product

Let's Learn About Teamwork! An SEL Google Slide Lesson is a lesson that contains a colorful Google Slide presentation that has a video embedded within one of the slides. (Slide 6).

Specific positive teamwork behaviors are reinforced. It also contains a teamwork coloring sheet on the last slide.

An example of things that need teamwork include: listening, having a positive attitude, working together, communicating ideas. However, with these slides, there are simple examples to introduce students with the concept of things that need to work together for them to work.

Examples include: a car, car keys, driving.

Material needed: is a developmentally appropriate puzzles. Educator can go to the Dollar Store to purchase puzzles appropriate for your students’ ages or use the puzzles you have in the classroom, and Instruct students to choose a puzzle to do together.

If the partners finish, they could choose to complete another puzzle.

Review the keys to good teamwork.

What's Included

A PDF with a link to the Google Slides Presentation. Click on the image on the PDF to access the link.

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