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Let's Talk Feelings!

Let's Talk Feelings!
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About This Product

In this product, there is a Google Slides presentation that contains my read-aloud of My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Moody by Tameka Brown and illustrated by Shane W. Evans. I have filtered this through VideoLink. It also has an activity where there is an online feeling spinner I made (click on the spinner picture and read the slide notes) where students can discuss their feelings in the classroom, in small groups, or if still remote, in breakout rooms. After the feelings breakout room activity, there is a 4 round scavenger hunt game for students to find things in their home or classroom that relate to feelings during your lesson. Lastly, for a take-home (homework) activity, you will have a link to my Inside/Outside Feelings Scavenger Hunt document that students can access at home digitally or printed on paper. The pictures of children within the slides and the read-aloud book are intentionally made up of multicultural images of children. There is some animation on slide #4. Please read the slide notes at the bottom of each slide for information on the lesson flow and activities. The link to the Google Slide Show is embedded in the image on the PDF.

What's Included

A link inside the PDF image (it is embedded) to an SEL lesson on feelings. There is also a handout and book read aloud.

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