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Letter of the Week Booklet: Letter Bb

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About This Product

Letter of the Week Booklet: Letter Bb This phonics resource teaches the letter Bb in a printable booklet format that educators can use to supplement letter of the week lessons in small groups or for independent practice. With engaging activities like puzzles, coloring pages, crafts, and games, students will have fun practicing letter recognition, letter formation, and beginning sounds. Implementation ideas include whole group introduction, small group guided practice, independent workstations, and homework. With preparation of basic classroom supplies like pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue, this resource provides flexible activities adaptable for preschool to 1st grade.

What's Included

*******************************This download only contains the letter B.*******************************

Letter A booklet contains:


Capital and Lower case letter to color

Letter recognition

Strokes to practice writing the letters

Dots to dab the letters (bingo markers markers, stickers, or q-tips and paint required)

Practice writing the letter

By tracing it

By writing it

Highlighting the letter inside words.

Initial, CVC, and Ending letter practice

Short A story where students find the letter a words and say them out loud.

Students can also color the picture according to the story.

A maze, Follow the A’s to reach the end.

Four puzzles

Small memory game or task cards. (Eight cards)

A poster to use with the task cards.

With the rest of the booklets added to this set you can use the poster to sort the cards.

However this can be used at a center as well. You can also use the task cards for a “write the room” activity.

Three recording sheets are included.

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