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Letter W Reading Rings

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About This Product

These letter W reading rings are great for students learning the beginning sound of the letter W. These reading rings give students simple sentences to introduce them to reading in the format of "W is for ____."

What is Included:

  • Letter W Reading Ring cover card

  • Letter W reading ring cards

  • The reading rings are available in color and in black and white

These reading rings are suitable for preschool and kindergarten students who are learning the initial sound of the letter W and are ready to begin reading simple sentences. The large, bold, and easy to recognize images will lead students towards success as they take the first steps to reading independently.

When to Use:

  • Literacy Centers - These cards work well in a literacy or reading center for students to read independently or with a partner.

  • Small Group Activity - The teacher can pull aside a small group of students who need extra practice with the target sound to use these cards.

  • Early Finisher Task - If students finish a task early, they can grab these cards to look at and read.

  • Take Home Book - The black and white pages can be sent home for students to make their own letter sound book.

This rings are easy to create. The teacher just needs to print each page, laminate each card (if desired) and then, using a hole punch, the teacher needs to place a hold in the indicated corner of the card. The cards are then placed on a ring for students to flip through each letter W card.

Skills Assessed

  • Letter V Recognition

  • Beginning Sounds

  • Reading Simple Sentences

These reading rings provide students with a fun and engaging way to practice reading simple sentences with words that begin with the letter W. In this set, you can create a set for classroom use and the students can use the black and white set to make a set to take home and read with their families.

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Beginning Sounds Alphabet Activities Reading Center Reading Activities Emergent Readers Beginning Readers Preschool Readers Flash Cards Letter W Letter W Activities

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