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Light and Dark PowerPoint

About This Product

This PowerPoint about Light and Dark can help children to begin to understand the relationship between all living things and the sun; our need for light and the sun.

What does the Light and Dark PowerPoint teach?

Simply explained, children will learn:

  • Darkness is the absence of light

  • The sun is the main source of light on Planet Earth

  • It reminds pupils never to look directly at the sun

  • The sun provides warmth too - or Earth would be very cold

  • Why plants need the sun: to make food to help them reproduce

  • Creatures that come out in the daytime (the need for survival)

  • Shadows - how they are formed

  • Plants and animals that prefer the shade and why (the need for survival)

  • Creatures of the night, and why?

  • Nocturnal (the need for survival)

This PowerPoint is silent but comes with full narration notes, both under each slide for use in Presenter View, or as a PDF.


Relate the slides to your pupil's experience. The slower pace of a Powerpoint means that the teacher is control and can add or subtract material as is felt necessary.

What is included?

135 slide PowerPoint

PDF Narration notes


Why not team the Light and Dark PowerPoint with our Seasons PowerPoint as they go together very well?

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