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Earth's Revolution, Tilt, and Seasons - Lesson Bundle

An educational teaching resource from Teach With Fergy entitled Earth's Revolution, Tilt, and Seasons - Lesson Bundle downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 9, 10

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About This Product

Earth's Revolution, Tilt, and Seasons - Lesson Bundle is an inclusive educational package meticulously designed for the effective teaching astronomy and earth science to 9th and 10th-grade students. Following is a brief overview of what this comprehensive bundle contains:
  • Google Classroom friendly useful resources: The bundle houses student presentations, teacher versions of the same presentations and an auto-graded Exit Ticket.
  • Inquiry-based learning tool: The inclusion of a student handout aims at soliciting engaging discussions in an interactive learning environment.
  • Digital flexibility: With availability in both - Office Format (PowerPoint & Word) and Google Format (Google Slides & Docs), it offers optimal accessibility and ease-of-use regardless of platform preference or requirement.
  • Critical concept coverage: The material covers key astronomy concepts like Kepler’s laws, Earth’s elliptical path around the sun, tilt influencing seasons on our planet plus terms like Equinoxes, Perihelion, and Aphelion.
  • As students traverse through different lessons filling out handouts peppered with gaps strategically present for information snippets—it ensures that they aren't overwhelmed while staying engaged throughout. A teacher version equipped with answers makes multi-tasking during active classroom sessions easier. Taking versatility to another level—this bundle functions well standalone but can also be coupled with other units like measuring time on earth or origins/restless earth. Pedagogically versatile—it fits across public or homeschool settings whether for small groups or whole-group expansory sessions especially perfect for distance education. Whether you're focusing on day-night cycles due to Earth's revolutions or seasonal weather variations due to axial tilt—all necessary resources find space in Earth's Revolution, Tilt, and Seasons - Lesson Bundle. This resource puts emphasis on conceptual clarity offering educators the chance to focus on their teaching passion.

What's Included

In order, the lesson covers:


Earth’s Elliptical Path

Earth’s Motion Around the Sun

The Seasons

Earth’s Tilt

Earth’s Revolution


Perihelion and Aphelion

Included in the lesson package is:

Google and Office versions of each resource

The teacher version of the presentation

The student version of the presentation

Auto-graded Exit Ticket

three videos embedded into the presentation

Student lesson handout

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Earth's Revolution Tilt Seasons Astronomy Earth Science

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