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Light - Lenses, The Eye, the Pinhole Camera and the Camera Find the Pair Game for middle school

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

The Light - Lenses, The Eye, the Pinhole Camera and the Camera Find the Pair Game for Middle School is an educational resource that combines learning with interactive gaming. This pack is designed to engage middle school students in understanding concepts of light, lenses, eyes and cameras.

An exciting feature of this tool is a memory game based on lenses. The Play-and-Learn pack contains 42 question-and-answer cards that focus on eye functioning, pinhole camera mechanism and standard cameras. Students play in groups to find matching pairs among the face-down cards.

This approach fosters friendly competition among learners as they get to challenge each other's selection if a mismatch is suspected.

About the Game:

  1. Detailed instructions are included for easy implementation in classrooms or study groups.
  2. An answer sheet is provided for quick verification during game challenges.


  • Familiarity with ray diagrams illustrating refraction in convex and concave lens; applications of these lenses; labeling structures of an eye diagram; understanding how an eye sees distant or close objects;
  • Learners should know about using lenses for vision correction, controlling pupil size for light regulation via iris; functioning details about pinhole camera as well as regular cameras etc.

This innovative teaching aid prompts exploration while enhancing cognitive skills (for grades 5 through 9 science students specializing in physics).

Note:All contents come bundled within one zip file which includes multiple file types for user convenience.

The aim here is to transform education from being monotonous by turning it into entertainment without downplaying its scholastic worthiness—a testament to ingenuity conducive even towards homework assignments without losing any part of its allure irrespective of setting—the living room or classroom.

What's Included

1 Zip file

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