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Light - Lenses, The Eye, The Pinhole Camera and The Camera Fully Resourced Lesson for Middle School

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

The Light - Lenses, The Eye, The Pinhole Camera and The Camera Fully Resourced Lesson for Middle School

This comprehensive tool is crafted specifically to help educators in delivering a well-rounded experience on optics to middle school students in grades 5 through 9. It provides a detailed exploration of lenses, their application in daily life devices like spectacles or cameras, as well as natural optical systems such as the human eye.

Key Elements Include:
  • Understanding of ray diagrams depicting refraction within both concave and convex lenses.
  • Applications of these types of lenses in various devices.
  • Anatomical structures on an eye diagram (retina; ciliary muscle; iris; pupil; lens; suspensory ligament; optic nerve).
  • A comparison between human eyes with pinhole cameras or modern photographic equipment.

Educational Resources

A bundle complete with nineteen printable resources allows educators freedom to design their own unique lessons adapted according to student abilities while considering time constraints. A suggested lesson plan navigates choice-making between resources but leaves room for customization by the teacher.

Included Features:
  • Detailed PowerPoint animated instructions punctuated with exit ticket quizzes
  • Anticipation Guides stimulating engaging learning environments
  • Foldable cut-outs extend hands-on learning and craft activities
  • Homework worksheets reinforce new information.

This creative teaching package serves as a robust starting point for diving into lights-installation ventures within the classroom, providing copious opportunities for experimentation and discussion regardless whether it's being used in main lessons or homework assignments. It’s indeed comprehensive enough that it equally caters for whole class instruction or smaller group settings.

What's Included

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